The great escape (part 1)

The great escape (part 1)

This apartment looks like a jail to me after Marri and Sheeni went away. They were my only friends here. All others just come do their business and go back. No one really pays any attention to me anymore. Maybe because I am old and I have been here since forever. Who knows. I often look at ways and opportunities to just run away from here. Some open door or even a window will do, i will just sneak out quietly and no one would notice.

It is a usual Sunday today, the weather is Sunny and I just had breakfast. I will for sure carry my journal everywhere I go. I have heard people publish works of dead writers and then they are famous. But I do not write in fancy language. Well, neither does Zadie Smith, sometimes her grammar is wrong and I can figure that out. Huh!! I got this packed Whiskas again while they are having croissants and fresh pressed juice and who knows what other delecacies at the table. I am not allowed near the table when there are guests. Only if I could scratch them all. Bastards.

It’s 2.30 now. Well, they have smoked and made merry. It’s time for some of them to leave. The plan is they will open the door and start walking. The door takes approx 24 seconds to close properly. If I will hide behind the big table in the hallway they won’t see me. It takes me 8 seconds to reach the door. It will take them 15 seconds to be far enough for me to sneak out. Phew! It’s a close one but if I run fast enough I will be able to get out just in time.

It’s 4.30 and they are talking in the hallway for 2 hours now, I am still behind the table waiting for my time.

P.S I hate humans.

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